Live a free weekend at the Coconut Grove Seafood Festival

Miami is the heart and soul of sea life and what better place can there be to organize a seafood festival Miami. If you are planning to attend a seafood festival in Miami, you can be happy to know that coconut grove seafood festival is right around the corner. The festival is all of what you can call a magical experience. There are thousands of delicacies in seafood like lobster rolls, clams, grilled fish, and so on. All that you need to do is to get an entry ticket ranging from $15 to 30. Here are some of the tips that will help you enjoy the seafood festival Miami.
Arrange well
You need to make sure that all the arrangements of leaving and reaching the Miami Marine Stadium Park. The event starts at 11 am and ends at 7 pm on 21st and 22nd October. So make sure that your travel plans are perfect and no fun is missed. Start early so that you can be here on time and maybe catch an early brunch with the sea food delicacies prepared for you. It is also good to carry umbrella, sun tan, and other such things that will not hinder you’re having fun in this amazing place. In order to enjoy all the goodies at seafood festival Miami, you need to make sure that you arrange well.
Plan your order of fun
If there is a lot of things on offer then you will be spoiled with choices, but make sure that you plan your fun quotient well. Plan on when you want to eat, drink, listen to music, shop around and enjoy. This will help you to get the best of this magical seafood festival Miami. Here are some of the things planned for you:
  • Culinary experience – The best of chefs from Miami will be competing with each other on seafood dishes, and you can imagine what all is going to come out of here. So if you are a lover of food you need to make sure that you are here and enjoy the wonderful time that these chefs are going to have. All of them are going to compete for the top 3 spots. It is a learning experience indeed for all who love to cook food and especially seafood at the seafood festival Miami. Here you can participate in the cutlery event, bring your kids to the eco-diversity zone and lastly, you can enjoy the live music with some exotic drinks and sea fishes.
  • Eco-discovery zone – This zone is dedicated for families, especially with the kids. So if you have kids and you still want to have a good time the seafood festival Miami has taken care of it. I’d say it is best to bring your kids along for them to have a weekend of fun activities here. However, you can sip your favorite drink and listen to the live music that will be played in the background and have some really good fun here.
  • Live music on stage – How awesome it will be to sip your favorite drink, be with your loved one and enjoy some refreshing drinks? Well, if you know what I am talking you’ll definitely love to be here on time and enjoy all the fun. The love music here will be performed by many bands that are famous in the localities and the numbers that they will play will definitely relax your mind. A free weekend is all that you have at the seafood festival Miami, let yourself be free and enjoy your taste buds and love for music together.
Seafood festival Miami has planned things that will help to rejuvenate you and also appreciate our seafood. Any seafood is good along with some chilled beers and mock tails, but when it is prepared by the experts it will take the food and drinks to the whole new level. It is a time that you relax in the festive season. So make sure that you live a free weekend. If you are surprised at to what all is available here, you will benefit from the brochures available on the entrance. You can plan your itinerary and enjoy every bit of what’s planned in seafood festival Miami. Our lives can get busy with work and lot of other things but we should never forget to enjoy our time and this is what festivals are for. When you visit this seafood festival Miami you will be rejuvenated as well.